It’s not a day at the beach without a feet in the sand picture.. or 5 😅☀️ #sorryimnotsorry #feet #sand #picslide (at Santa Monica Beach)

One more acid trip brought to you by #disneyland 😁😳 #kingarthur #carousel #hyperlapse


Favorite Male Characters {4/5}
     ↳ Conner Kent / Superboy

"Are we going to have a moral at the end of every adventure?”

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We all know what today is. If you’re old enough, you remember exactly where you were 13 years ago this morning. I pray for those who have lost a loved one. May your heart somehow heal a little more each year that passes. Although this day makes my heart heavy, I can smile because I love my beautiful city and am in awe of the resilience of it’s people. oxox

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